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CANopen vendor-ID

The CANopen vendor-ID is used to identify the manufacturer of a CANopen product. It is required since CANopen version 4 and by EN 50325-4. All vendor-IDs are assigned by CiA.

The CANopen vendor-ID is part of the identity object of a CANopen device. The identity object serves as a worldwide unique device address. Several services (e.g. LSS and node claiming) utilize this object to correctly identify CANopen devices, to allow plug and play, and to check the integrity of the whole system.

The CANopen vendor-ID is used to identify the company, and to identify the department within larger organizations.

The CANopen vendor-ID is also used by other communication technologies. As some companies develop device exclusively for those, the CANopen vendor-ID range is used as shown.

CANopen vendor-ID range Responsible organization
0000 0000h to AFFE FFFFh CAN in Automation (CiA)
AFFF 0000h to FFFE FFFFh reserved
FFFF 0000h to FFFF 0FFFh Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group (EPSG)
FFFF 1000h to FFFF FFFFh reserved


Vendor-ID Registered name
Registered department
00 000002h Beckhoff Automation GmbH
00 000003h Moeller GmbH
00 000004h Ixxat Automation GmbH
00 000005h Vector Informatik GmbH
00 000006h Arteco SpA
00 000007h Janz Tec AG
00 000008h Hengstler GmbH
00 000009h SMH Automation
00 00000Ah CMZ Sistemi Elettronici
00 00000Bh Wurm GmbH & Co. KG Elektronische Systeme
00 00000Ch Moog ProControl AG
Power and Motion Control
00 00000Dh Softing
Industrial Automation GmbH
01 00000Dh Softing
Automotive Electronics GmbH
00 00000Eh MicroControl GmbH & Co. KG
00 00000Fh ESR Dipl.-Ing. Pollmeier GmbH
00 000010h GAS Automation GmbH
00 000011h Liquidated
00 000012h McLennan Servo Supplies Ltd.
00 000013h Kübler GmbH
00 000014h KEB Automation KG
00 000015h TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Institut für Automatisierungstechnik
00 000016h KEBA Industrial Automation Germany GmbH
00 000017h esd electronic system design gmbh
00 000018h Technoteam GmbH
00 000019h Danfoss Power Solutions
01 000019h Danfoss Power Solutions
00 00001Ah Antal AG
00 00001Bh HMS Industrial Networks
00 00001Ch Epis Automation GmbH & Co. KG
00 00001Dh Festo AG & Co. KG
00 00001Eh BorgWarner Systems Lugo Srl
00 00001Fh Novotron Industrie-Automation GmbH
00 000020h Molex
Woodhead Software & Electronics
00 000021h WAGO GmbH & Co. KG
00 000022h Micro-key bv
00 000023h Techno-Matic A/S
00 000024h Bosch Rexroth AG
Electric Drives and Controls
00 000025h ACS Solutions Switzerland (revoked)
00 000026h DATAMICRO LLC
00 000027h bebro electronic GmbH
00 000028h MOOG
00 000029h Intec-Motion Systems GmbH
00 00002Ah Klaschka GmbH & Co. KG
00 00002Bh EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche
00 00002Ch Tetra Pak R&D
00 00002Dh Graf-Syteco
00 00002Eh Schneider Electric
01 00002Eh Schneider Electric
02 00002Eh Selectron Systems AG
00 00002Fh Comap s.r.o.
00 000030h Epec Oy
00 000031h Isel Germany AG
00 000032h Elrest Automationssysteme GmbH
00 000033h Lawicel AB
00 000034h Port GmbH
00 000035h Indutron Industrieelektronik GmbH
00 000036h Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
Institut für Mechatronische Systeme
00 000037h Computechnic AG
00 000038h Brand Innovators BV
00 000039h Bürkert Werke GmbH & Co.
00 00003Ah Vossloh Kiepe GmbH
00 00003Bh Lenze SE
00 00003Ch Tecon Inc.
00 00003Dh Trafag AG
00 00003Eh Volker Leverkus Industrie-Elektronik
00 00003Fh SYS TEC electronic AG
00 000040h Temposonics GmbH & Co. KG
00 000041h I+ME Actia GmbH
00 000042h Posital GmbH
00 000043h Datron AG
00 000044h Hilscher GmbH
00 000045h Maccon GmbH
00 000046h Musigma Automatisering
00 000047h Wika Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG
00 000048h Automata
01 000048h Automata GmbH & Co. KG
00 000049h Industrial Software
Material Handling
00 00004Ah Heidelberg Postpress Deutschland GmbH
F&E Sammelhefter, Klebebinder
00 00004Bh Ever di Ing. Caldi & C. snc
00 00004Ch E. Dold & Söhne KG
00 00004Dh Interautomation Deutschland GmbH
00 00004Eh Liquidated
00 00004Fh Murrelektronik GmbH
00 000050h Druck Limited
00 000051h PowerTech Converter
00 000052h Grapho Metronic GmbH & Co.
00 000053h Siemens AG
01 000053h Albis Technologies AG
02 000053h Siemens AG
03 000053h Siemens AG
04 000053h Siemens AG
05 000053h Siemens Healthcare GmbH
06 000053h Siemens AG
07 000053h Siemens AG
08 000053h Siemens AG
09 000053h Continental Aftermarket & Services GmbH
0A 000053h Siemens AG
Sorting Machines, I&S PA
0B 000053h Siemens AG
00 000054h TeraTron GmbH
00 000055h Axiomatic Technologies Oy
00 000056h Sick AG
Auto Ident
01 000056h Sick AG
02 000056h Sick AG
Hiper Sensors & Vision
00 000057h Komax AG
00 000058h Frenzel + Berg Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
00 000059h SEW-Eurodrive
00 00005Ah Schneider Electric
01 00005Ah Schneider Electric
02 00005Ah Schneider Toshiba Inverter
03 00005Ah Schneider Electric
Power Control and Protection Activity
04 00005Ah Schneider Electric
American Global Products
05 00005Ah Schneider Electric
Low End Control
06 00005Ah Schneider Electric
High End Control
07 00005Ah Schneider Electric
Machine Control
08 00005Ah Schneider Electric
09 00005Ah Schneider Electric
0A 00005Ah Schneider Electric
Electrical Distribution PD1
0B 00005Ah Schneider Electric
Electrical Distribution PD2
0C 00005Ah Schneider Electric
Electrical Distribution PD3
0D 00005Ah Schneider Electric
Electrical Distribution PD4
0E 00005Ah Schneider Electric
Electrical Distribution PD5
0F 00005Ah Schneider Electric
00 00005Bh Continental Aftermarket & Services GmbH
00 00005Ch Sick-Stegmann GmbH
00 00005Dh Schleicher Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
00 00005Eh Converteam GmbH
00 00005Fh Baumer Electric AG
00 000060h Incaa Computers B.V.
00 000061h Molex
Woodhead Connectivity GmbH
00 000062h Bachmann Electronic GmbH
00 000063h Elabo
00 000064h Friedrich Lütze GmbH
00 000065h AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH
00 000066h Rofin-Sinar Laser GmbH
00 000067h Siemens Energy A/S
00 000068h Fagor Automation S. Coop. Ltda.
00 000069h Caterpillar
00 00006Ah Kollmorgen Europe GmbH
00 00006Bh Woodward SEG GmbH & Co. KG
00 00006Ch Bernecker + Rainer GmbH
01 00006Ch B&R Industrial Automation GmbH
00 00006Dh Holjeron
00 00006Eh Dipl.-Ing. W. Nophut GmbH
00 00006Fh Smart Testsolutions GmbH
00 000070h STS Sensor Technik Sirnach AG
00 000071h Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
00 000072h Europäische Umrichter Experten GmbH
00 000073h Parker Hannifin
00 000074h Bizerba GmbH & Co KG
00 000075h MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH
00 000076h Norgren
00 000077h Unicontrols a.s.
00 000078h PCT Systems, Inc.
00 000079h Ingenieurbüro für Regelungstechnik
00 00007Ah Inter Control Hermann Köhler Elektrik GmbH & Co. KG
00 00007Bh IAVF Antriebstechnik GmbH
Entwicklung Systeme Software
00 00007Ch EFM-Systems GmbH
00 00007Dh LS Electric
00 00007Eh Minimax GmbH & Co. KG
00 00007Fh Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG (unused)
00 000080h Contelec AG
00 000081h GE Healthcare
Magnetic Resonance
01 000081h GE Healthcare
X-Ray Generator
02 000081h GE Healthcare
03 000081h GE Healthcare
00 000082h Infranor
00 000083h Omron Europe B.V.
00 000084h Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co.
00 000085h Vestas Wind Systems A/S
00 000086h Montwill GmbH
00 000087h Unidesa
00 000088h TAC UK Ltd.
00 000089h Parker Hannifin
01 000089h Parker Hannifin
02 000089h Parker Hannifin
03 000089h Parker Hannifin
00 00008Ah System Ceramics SpA
00 00008Bh Ascom Hasler Mailing Systems
00 00008Ch EC Elettronica S.r.l.
00 00008Dh Siemens AG
01 00008Dh Danfoss A/S
02 00008Dh Danfoss Drives A/S
Drives Division
03 00008Dh Danfoss GmbH
VLT ISD Series
00 00008Eh Lazer Safe Pty. Ltd.
00 00008Fh Wika Mobile Control GmbH & Co. KG
00 000090h Danfoss Drives Oy
00 000091h EKE - Electronics ltd.
00 000092h L. G. L. Electronics S.p.a.
00 000093h Gefran S.p.A.
01 000093h Gefran S.p.A.
00 000094h Bergauer AG
00 000095h Elsaco
00 000096h Crown Equipment Corporation
00 000097h Camozzi S.p.A.
00 000098h Parker Hannifin
00 000099h Inmotion Technologies AB
00 00009Ah Elmo Motion Control Ltd.
00 00009Bh Itema (Switzerland) Ltd.
00 00009Ch Turck
00 00009Dh Imasde Canarias S.A.
00 00009Eh Kwant Controls BV
00 00009Fh Clampon A/S
00 0000A0h Sontheim Industrie Elektronik GmbH
00 0000A1h Gebr. Klöcker GmbH
00 0000A2h Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG
00 0000A3h AFS Entwicklungs + Vertriebs GmbH
00 0000A4h Schneider Electric
01 0000A4h Schneider Electric
00 0000A5h Belden Deutschland GmbH
00 0000A6h Tele Radio AB
00 0000A7h Wieland Electric GmbH
00 0000A8h ITW Gema AG
00 0000A9h Phocus Systems, Inc.
00 0000AAh Liquidated
00 0000ABh Copley Controls Corp.
Motion Control
00 0000ACh Völkel Mikroelektronik GmbH
00 0000ADh Pepperl+Fuchs
00 0000AEh HED - Hydro Electronic Devices, Inc.
00 0000AFh Johannes Hübner GmbH
00 0000B0h Eriks Aandrijftechniek BV
00 0000B1h Regulateurs Europa
00 0000B2h DEIF A/S
Gen-set Controls
10 0000B2h DEIF A/S
11 0000B2h DEIF A/S
12 0000B2h Deif A/S
Wind Power Technology
00 0000B3h Bucher Automation AG
01 0000B3h Bucher Automation AG
00 0000B4h Elobau GmbH & Co. KG
00 0000B5h Wittur AG
Lift Controller
01 0000B5h Wittur GmbH
00 0000B6h ScioTeq
00 0000B7h ABB Oy
00 0000B8h Amluk GmbH
00 0000B9h Stöber Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
00 0000BAh Rockwell Automation
Drives Europe
00 0000BBh Parker Hannifin
SSD Parvex
00 0000BCh AEC srl
Motion Control
00 0000BDh Advanced Motion Controls
00 0000BEh Marathon Ltd.
00 0000BFh ACS GmbH
00 0000C0h Zila-Elektronik
00 0000C1h Contemporary Control Systems, Inc.
00 0000C2h Bachleitner & Heugel Elektronik
00 0000C3h Aicom s.r.l.
00 0000C4h Microsyst
00 0000C5h Kone GmbH
00 0000C6h Mitrol S.r.l.
00 0000C7h S+T Service & Technique S.A.
00 0000C8h Coban srl
00 0000C9h IBK Elektronik Entwicklungs GmbH
00 0000CAh Hydro Aluminium
00 0000CBh Technische Alternative elektronische Steuerungsgeräte Ges. mbH
00 0000CCh K.A. Schmersal GmbH
00 0000CDh Wipotec GmbH
00 0000CEh Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.
00 0000CFh Johnson Controls
00 0000D0h Moba Mobile Automation AG
00 0000D1h Contec GmbH
00 0000D2h Roxar ASA
00 0000D3h Raytheon Anschütz GmbH
00 0000D4h TR-Electronic GmbH
00 0000D5h Bonfiglioli Vectron MDS GmbH
00 0000D6h Hensoldt Optronics GmbH
00 0000D7h Comau Robotics
00 0000D8h KVH Industries, Inc.
00 0000D9h Phase Motion Control
00 0000DAh Hydac Electronic GmbH
00 0000DBh Ziehl-Abegg SE
00 0000DCh Bircher Reglomat AG
00 0000DDh S. E. D. srl.
00 0000DEh Transtronic AB
00 0000DFh Manfred Demel Elektronik e. K.
00 0000E0h CrossControl Oy
00 0000E1h ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH
01 0000E2h Lancier Monitoring GmbH
01 0000E3h Knorr-Bremse SfS GmbH
00 0000E4h Metronix GmbH
01 0000E5h Gems Sensors
00 0000E6h Argo-Hytos GmbH
01 0000E7h YASKAWA Europe GmbH
00 0000E8h Globtrak Polska sp. z.o.o
Municipal vehicles
01 0000E8h Balluff GmbH
00 0000E9h Ascon Technologic srl
00 0000EAh Dr. E. Horn GmbH
00 0000EBh ESA Grimma GmbH
00 0000ECh Baumer Germany GmbH & Co. KG
00 0000EDh Getriebebau Nord GmbH & Co. KG
00 0000EEh Nemonos GmbH
00 0000EFh ELCIS s.r.l.
00 0000F0h Scanreco AB
00 0000F1h Codechamp
00 0000F2h CrossControl AB
00 0000F3h Fastwel Co. Ltd.
00 0000F4h Atos spa
00 0000F5h Honeywell
00 0000F6h Ikusi - Angel Iglesias S.A.
00 0000F7h GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH
00 0000F8h Böhnke + Partner GmbH
00 0000F9h Control Techniques
00 0000FAh Kongsberg Maritime AS
00 0000FBh Maxon Motor AG
Electronic and System Engineering
01 0000FBh Maxon Motor AG
e-mobility & robotic solutions
02 0000FBh Maxon Motor AG
zub machine control
00 0000FCh Yacoub Automation GmbH
00 0000FDh Dedicated Solutions BV
00 0000FEh Precitec KG
00 0000FFh ECS srl
00 000100h Sulo Digital GmbH
00 000101h ISAC S.r.l.
Research & Development
00 000102h W. Gessmann GmbH
00 000103h Kokusai Electric Alpha Co. Ltd.
Ultra Sonic Generator Design
00 000104h Annax Information Systems AG
00 000105h KEBA Industrial Automation GmbH
00 000106h Gilbarco Veeder-Root
00 000107h BR Controls Nederland BV
00 000108h Pirkan Elektroniikka Oy
00 000109h Smart Testsolutions GmbH
00 00010Ah Wittenstein AG
Wittenstein Electronics GmbH
00 00010Bh BST International GmbH
00 00010Ch technotrans SE
00 00010Dh TWK-Elektronik GmbH
00 00010Eh Reilhofer KG
00 00010Fh PSA Elettronica Di F. Grifa
00 000110h Delta-Q Technologies Corp.
00 000111h Hydratronics AB
00 000112h Thermo King
00 000113h Kappa optronics GmbH
00 000114h SMC Deutschland GmbH
00 000115h ABP TeleTech A/S
00 000116h Eckelmann AG
00 000117h JVL A/S
00 000118h MHPS Italia Srl
Motronica Division
00 000119h KS Sensortechnik GmbH
00 00011Ah SMA Solar Technology AG
00 00011Bh Argus Technologies Ltd.
00 00011Ch ABB Sace SpA
00 00011Dh Hottinger Baldwin Meßtechnik GmbH
00 00011Eh Sofcon spol. s.r.o.
00 00011Fh Meidensha Corporation
Industrial Systems Business Group - Electric Systems Business Unit
00 000120h Parker Hannifin
00 000121h Leuze electronic GmbH & Co. KG
00 000123h WEG Industrias SA
00 000124h Liebherr
00 000125h Mobil Elektronik GmbH
00 000126h JUMO GmbH & Co. KG
Mess- und Regeltechnik
00 000127h Demag Cranes & Components GmbH
00 000128h Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH
00 000129h HSD SpA
00 00012Ah Schaeper Automation GmbH
00 00012Bh Pro-face
00 00012Ch Gebr. Bode GmbH & Co. KG
00 00012Dh attoSensor
00 00012Eh Lika Electronic snc
00 00012Fh CSM GmbH
00 000130h Adolf Thies GmbH & Co. KG
00 000131h Inro Elektrotechnik GmbH
00 000132h Skoflo Industries, Inc.
00 000133h Harms + Wende GmbH & Co. KG
00 000134h Breuer-Motoren
00 000135h Duometric GmbH
00 000136h Sator Laser GmbH
00 000137h Daco Scientific Limited
00 000138h Coligen Corp.
00 000139h miControl
00 00013Ah Leitronic AG
00 00013Bh Schaefer GmbH
00 00013Ch ICP DAS Co. Ltd.
Kaoshiung Research Center
00 00013Dh Danfoss Drives srl
00 00013Eh Saia-Burgess Controls AG
00 00013Fh ABB
ABB Schweiz AG
00 000140h Hans & Jos. Kronenberg GmbH
00 000141h Industrial Network Controls, LLC
00 000142h Scaime
00 000143h Valco Cincinnati, Inc.
00 000144h Tecnologix srl
00 000145h Beijer Electronics Products AB
00 000146h LPKF Laser & Electronics AG
00 000147h Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG
00 000148h S2Tech srl
00 000149h Assa Abloy
Assa Abloy Headquarter
01 000149h Assa Abloy
Assa Abloy Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
02 000149h Assa Abloy
Assa AB Access
03 000149h Assa Abloy
Assa AB Locks
04 000149h Assa Abloy
05 000149h Assa Abloy
Abloy Oy
06 000149h Assa Abloy
HID Global
07 000149h Assa Abloy
Assa Abloy Entrance Systems
08 000149h Assa Abloy
Securitron Magnalock Corp.
09 000149h Assa Abloy
Hanchett Entry Systems, Inc. (Hanchop)
0A 000149h Assa Abloy
Norton Door Controls
0B 000149h Assa Abloy
Sargent Manufacturing Company
0C 000149h Assa Abloy
Assa Abloy Australia
0D 000149h Assa Abloy
ASSA ABLOY Côte Picarde
0E 000149h Assa Abloy
0F 000149h Assa Abloy
Corbin Russwin
10 000149h Assa Abloy
Assa Abloy UK
00 00014Ah imc Meßsysteme GmbH
00 00014Bh Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH
00 00014Ch Bendrich Elektronische Steuerungen GmbH & Co. KG
00 00014Dh Wandfluh AG
00 00014Eh GEZ Rail Solutions GmbH
00 00014Fh Motion Engineering
00 000150h Scientec Technology Pte Ltd
00 000151h Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH
00 000152h Ferrocontrol Steuerungssysteme GmbH & Co.
00 000153h Incon
00 000154h Gunda Automation GmbH
00 000155h Northrop Grumman Litef GmbH
00 000156h NTI AG
00 000157h XTek Systems Ltd.
00 000158h PTW-Freiburg
00 000159h Gemac Chemnitz GmbH
00 00015Ah Baumüller Nürnberg Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
00 00015Bh Engel Elektroantriebe GmbH
00 00015Ch Technion Oy
00 00015Dh Heidrive GmbH
00 00015Eh Bestec-etp Freiburg GmbH
00 00015Fh Exor International S.p.A.
00 000160h IRO AB
00 000161h Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG
00 000162h Synics AG
00 000163h AeroLas GmbH
Motion Control
00 000164h Tecsis GmbH
00 000165h Moxa Inc.
00 000166h Exertus Oy
00 000167h Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG
00 000168h 4 TEC AG
00 000169h Rinco Ultrasonics AG
00 00016Ah Duplomatic MS S.p.A.
00 00016Bh Kontron AG
00 00016Ch The Montalvo Corporation
00 00016Dh PMA GmbH
00 00016Eh Stralfors AB
00 00016Fh Mobilcontrol Ebelt GmbH
00 000170h Woodward
Industrial Controls
00 000171h Prima Electronics SpA
00 000172h SIEI SpA
00 000173h Quantum Medical Imaging, LLC
00 000174h Asco Numatics
00 000175h Peak-System Technik GmbH
00 000176h West Instruments
00 000177h skytron energy
00 000178h Sentech AS
Offshore Instrumentation
00 000179h Zumbach Electronic GmbH
00 00017Ah Pneumax SpA
00 00017Bh Medtron AG
00 00017Ch Gedis GmbH
00 00017Dh Val Controls
00 00017Eh Mantracourt Electronics Ltd.
00 00017Fh R.T.A. srl
00 000180h GE Power Management
01 000180h Intelligent Platforms, LLC.
00 000181h Belden Deutschland GmbH
Business Unit ICOS
00 000182h Novotechnik
00 000183h AEG Power Solutions GmbH
00 000184h Sensata BEI Sensors
00 000185h Centralp
00 000186h Inicore Inc
00 000187h Sasse Elektronik GmbH
00 000188h HALE electronic GmbH
00 000189h Pilz GmbH & Co. KG
00 00018Ah ASA-RT srl
00 00018Bh Bauser GmbH &Co. KG
00 00018Ch Beta LaserMike
00 00018Dh Elgo Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
00 00018Eh Masora AG
00 00018Fh Bayer Healthcare
00 000190h Promess, Inc.
00 000191h CG Drives & Automation Germany GmbH
00 000192h Frog AGV Systems
00 000194h Leine & Linde AB
00 000195h Siko GmbH
00 000196h Amtron GmbH
00 000197h Ultimate Europe Transportation Equipment GmbH
00 000198h Automation Modules Inc.
00 000199h Dr. Staiger, Mohilo & Co. GmbH
00 00019Ah Guerbet
Liebel Flarsheim Company LLC
00 00019Bh SP. EL srl
00 00019Ch AC Technology Corp.
00 00019Dh Deutschmann Automation GmbH & Co. KG
00 00019Eh Golden A/S
00 00019Fh DeLaval International AB
00 0001A0h Transistor Devices Inc.
00 0001A1h Brunner Elektronik AG
00 0001A2h Heckner Electronics GmbH
00 0001A3h Technosoft
00 0001A4h Kongsberg Maritime AS
00 0001A5h S.A. Sedni
00 0001A6h REO Elektronik AG
00 0001A7h Digi Sens AG
00 0001A8h Tecnint HTE srl
00 0001A9h Wafios Machinery Corporation
00 0001AAh SSB Wind Systems GmbH & Co. KG
00 0001ABh Elotech GmbH
00 0001ACh Aros Electronics AB
00 0001ADh Parker Hannifin
00 0001AEh Axel s.r.l.
00 0001AFh Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG
00 0001B0h ABB Jokab Safety AB
00 0001B1h Keysight Technologies
01 0001B1h Keysight Technologies
00 0001B2h Bosch Rexroth AG
Pneumatics - Schiffstechnik
01 0001B2h Bosch Rexroth AG
Pneumatics - BRP-Industrie
00 0001B3h Otto Engineering Inc.
00 0001B4h Peyer Engineering
00 0001B5h Robox SpA
00 0001B6h Nemoto Kyorindo Co. Ltd.
00 0001B7h ADZ Nagano GmbH
00 0001B8h PMB Elektronik GmbH
00 0001B9h Sanyo Denki Co. Ltd.
Servo System Division
00 0001BAh Schaltbau GmbH
00 0001BBh Deuta-Werke GmbH
00 0001BCh Eurotherm Ltd.
00 0001BDh Dewit Industrial Sensors BV
00 0001BEh Anyware & Everyware Inc.
00 0001BFh Techni AS
00 0001C0h Hydrotechnik GmbH
00 0001C1h Roxar
Flow Measurement
00 0001C2h EAO AG
00 0001C3h MetraLabs GmbH
00 0001C4h Regatron AG
00 0001C5h Lenord, Bauer & Co. GmbH
00 0001C6h Engine Control and Monitoring (ECM)
00 0001C7h Moeller GmbH
00 0001C8h Danfoss Electronics SpA
00 0001C9h Liquidated
00 0001CAh Cattron GmbH
00 0001CBh Eaton
00 0001CCh QuickSilver Controls, Inc.
00 0001CDh Jungheinrich AG
00 0001CEh Mareco AS
00 0001CFh Weber Lifttechnik GmbH
00 0001D0h Mitsubishi Electric
FA System
00 0001D1h Schneider Electric Power Drives GmbH
00 0001D2h Saminco Inc.
00 0001D3h E-Z-EM Inc.
00 0001D4h Jaquet AG
00 0001D5h Ipetronik GmbH & Co. KG
00 0001D6h Gebr. Frei GmbH & Co.
00 0001D7h Phaze Technologies
Subsea Instrumentation
00 0001D8h ZF Marine GmbH
00 0001D9h Era-contact GmbH
00 0001DAh A.E.B. srl
00 0001DBh Semicotronic GmbH
00 0001DCh Hohner Automazione Srl
00 0001DDh Delta Electronics, Inc.
PLC Engineering Department
00 0001DEh Brosa AG
00 0001DFh Punch Graphix International NV
00 0001E0h LTN Servotechnik GmbH
00 0001E1h Numatics, Inc.
00 0001E2h ESS Embedded Systems Solutions
00 0001E3h Binar Elektronik AB
00 0001E4h Tidomat
00 0001E5h OneSubsea GmbH
00 0001E6h E & K Automation Indumat GmbH & Co. KG
00 0001E7h Faiveley Transport Italia
Brake Control R & D
00 0001E8h Mefi s.r.o.
00 0001E9h MSF-Technik Vathauer GmbH & Co. KG
00 0001EAh Enovation Controls
00 0001EBh AMK Arnold Müller GmbH & Co. KG
00 0001ECh Hippokratec Gesellschaft für Medizintechnik mbH
00 0001EDh Agilicom
00 0001EEh Parker Hannifin
Electronic Controls
00 0001EFh Voltwerk Electronics GmbH
Embedded Systems
00 0001F0h Nardi Elettronica srl
00 0001F1h Omron Scientific Technologies Inc.
00 0001F2h c-trace GmbH
Municipal vehicles
00 0001F3h GSP Sprachtechnologie
00 0001F4h Robatech AG
00 0001F5h Philips Medical Systems
00 0001F6h Teledyne Cormon Ltd.
FAO Group
00 0001F7h Protronic Innovative Steuerungstechnik GmbH
00 0001F8h Pulsotronic GmbH & Co. KG
00 0001F9h National Instruments
00 0001FAh Cavotec Micro-control as
00 0001FBh Lafert Servo Drives
00 0001FCh FSG Fernsteuergeräte Kurt Oelsch GmbH
00 0001FDh INA-Drives & Mechatronics GmbH & Co. oHG
00 0001FEh Feig Electronic GmbH
00 0001FFh Planetroll GmbH & Co. KG
00 000200h AVAT Automation GmbH
00 000201h Infranor GmbH
00 000202h Götting KG
00 000203h Naxys
00 000204h Datek Industrielelektronik AB
00 000205h TDE Macno
00 000206h Micro-Vu
00 000207h Esitron-electronic GmbH
00 000208h SPI Lasers (UK) Ltd.
00 000209h TK Engineering Oy
00 00020Ah Ubiquitous Control srl
00 00020Bh BEA
00 00020Ch Itoh Denki Co., Ltd
R & D Department
00 00020Dh Seidel Elektronik GmbH Nfg KG
00 00020Eh Loepfe Brothers Ltd.
00 00020Fh EAS Schaltanlagen GmbH
00 000210h Asomatic AG
00 000211h Liquidated
00 000212h Nuvera Fuel Cells
00 000213h Megatel
00 000214h Kniel System-Electronic GmbH
00 000215h OAT Osterholz Antriebstechnik GmbH
00 000216h Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG
Rail Division
00 000217h Curtiss-Wright Antriebstechnik GmbH
Motion Control
00 000218h German Power GmbH
00 000219h Real Time Automation
00 00021Ah Baur Antriebe und Regelungen
00 00021Bh Schneider Electric
00 00021Ch Convexis GmbH
00 00021Dh Yaskawa Eshed Technology Ltd.
00 00021Eh Hakusan Corporation
00 00021Fh Wachendorff Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG
01 00021Fh Wachendorff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
02 00021Fh Wachendorff Prozesstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
00 000220h Solarit Pty. Ltd.
00 000221h Hesch Schröder GmbH
00 000222h Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.
00 000223h Helmholz GmbH & Co. KG
00 000224h Sunways AG
00 000225h Pantec Engineering AG
00 000226h Animatics
00 000227h BOL (Beijing Open Lab)
00 000228h AS Electronics
00 000229h Esco Antriebstechnik GmbH
00 00022Ah Givi Misure srl
00 00022Bh T.E.R. Tecno Elettrica Ravasi srl
00 00022Ch Red Lion Controls, Inc.
00 00022Dh Hisstema AB
00 00022Eh Preh GmbH
00 00022Fh Interay Solutions BV
00 000230h Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG
00 000231h Multigraf AG
Graphic Machinery
00 000232h Jean Lutz SA
00 000233h Mettler-Toledo
00 000234h Cisco Systems, Inc.
00 000235h SCANCON Encoders A/S
Absolute Encoders
00 000236h OEM Controls, Inc.
00 000237h Renu Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
00 000238h Franceschi Marina S.n.c.
00 000239h Wilo SE
00 00023Ah ABB
ABB Stotz Kontakt GmbH
01 00023Ah ABB Automation Products GmbH
Product Group PLC
00 00023Bh Berghof Automationstechnik GmbH
00 00023Ch Qiagen Instruments AG
00 00023Dh Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH
00 00023Eh Pixy AG
00 00023Fh DESY
00 000240h Spezialantriebstechnik GmbH
00 000241h Zub Machine Control AG
00 000242h Agromatic Regelungstechnik GmbH
00 000243h Kienzle Argo Taxi International GmbH
00 000244h Mejjad Electronics
00 000245h Olympus Corporation
Micro-Imaging Systems
00 000246h IDEC ALPS Technologies Co. Ltd.
00 000247h VW Konzern
01 000247h VW Konzern
VW Nutzfahrzeuge
02 000247h VW Konzern
05 000247h Bentley
06 000247h Bugatti
07 000247h Skoda
08 000247h Seat
09 000247h Lamborghini
0A 000247h Audi AG
0B 000247h Audi AG
quattro GmbH
0D 000247h Porsche
00 000248h Daimler AG
01 000248h Daimler AG
00 000249h Seneca srl
00 00024Ah ProTrade Ltd.
00 00024Bh Stange Elektronik GmbH
00 00024Ch Kempf
00 00024Dh AMT Machine Systems Ltd.
00 00024Eh Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH
00 00024Fh Stotz Feinmesstechnik GmbH
00 000250h Lord Corp.
00 000251h Advantech
00 000252h ASM GmbH
00 000253h ABB Sace SpA
Low Voltage Breakers
01 000253h ABB SpA
00 000254h CR Elettronica srl
00 000255h Swift Home Lift Sweden AB
00 000256h ElectroCraft Inc.
00 000257h Dunkermotoren GmbH
00 000258h Simtec Elektronik GmbH
00 000259h Walvoil SpA
00 00025Bh Amit, spol. s r.o.
00 00025Ch TR-Electronic GmbH
00 00025Dh Bachmann GmbH
00 00025Eh Fuji Electric Group
00 00025Fh Shenzhen ACE Battery Co. Ltd.
00 000260h Hüttinger Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
00 000261h Palfinger AG
00 000262h Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer
00 000263h FMC Kongsberg Subsea AS
Kongsberg Subsea
01 000263h FMC Technologies
Shilling Robotics
00 000264h Emerson Electric Co.
Industrial Automation China
01 000264h Emerson Electric Co.
Emerson Network Power China
00 000265h HTH Sinus Electronic GmbH
00 000266h aVineas IT Consulting
00 000267h Speedgoat GmbH
01 000268h Sensata Technologies
00 000269h Hauch & Bach ApS
00 00026Ah Akerströms Björbo AB
00 00026Bh Univer SpA
00 00026Ch Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
00 00026Dh Ulrich GmbH & Co. KG
Injectors CT/MRI
00 00026Eh Kaco New Energy GmbH
00 00026Fh Erhardt + Leimer GmbH
00 000270h ME-Meßsysteme GmbH
00 000271h Liquidated
00 000272h Diga s.c.
00 000273h Gantner Instruments GmbH
00 000274h Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.
00 000275h Kodak Graphic Communications Canada Company
00 000276h Sensor Technology AS
00 000277h Aker Solutions Ltd.
00 000278h Kimo Industrie-Elektronik GmbH
00 000279h Meflex Telecontrol GmbH + Co KG
00 00027Ah Württ. Elektromotoren GmbH
00 00027Bh Auto-Maskin AS
00 00027Ch IBA Dosimetry GmbH
00 00027Dh EBM-Papst
EBM-Papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co. KG
01 00027Dh EBM-Papst
EBM-Papst Landshut GmbH
02 00027Dh EBM-Papst
EBM-Papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG
00 00027Eh Ekspla
00 00027Fh Solartron ISA
00 000280h CNi Informatica
00 000281h Alphalift Ltd.
00 000282h Liquidated
00 000283h Roche Diagnostics Ltd.
00 000284h Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation
00 000285h Bihl + Wiedemann
00 000286h Trinamic Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG
00 000287h HBC-radiomatic GmbH
00 000288h Kirchgaesser Industrieelektronik GmbH
00 000289h H.D.T. srl
00 00028Ah Baker Hughes Energy Technology
01 00028Ah Baker Hughes Energy Technology
Dusavik Norway
00 00028Bh PG Trionic
00 00028Ch FeCon GmbH
00 00028Dh Ringwald Mikroelektronik GmbH
00 00028Eh Remes GmbH
00 00028Fh Cirrascale Corp.
00 000290h Grünewald GmbH Mess- und Regeltechnik
00 000291h Presens AS
00 000292h Horner APG
00 000293h Corac Group plc
00 000294h Liquidated
00 000295h Park Air Systems AS
00 000296h Performance Motion Devices
00 000297h Salvagnini Italia SpA
00 000298h Schweizer Electronic AG
00 000299h Logic GmbH & Co. KG
00 00029Ah Hegemann GmbH
00 00029Bh Eltorque AS
00 00029Ch Ingenia
00 00029Dh Crevis
00 00029Eh Hibot Corp.
00 00029Fh Applied Motion Products
00 0002A0h Branson Ultraschall
00 0002A1h Liquidated
00 0002A2h Patlite Corporation
00 0002A3h Celmi srl
00 0002A4h Oceaneering Rotator A/S
00 0002A5h Thales Nederland BV
Land & Joint Systems
00 0002A6h Javad GNSS
00 0002A7h Hesmor
00 0002A8h Whiteoak Controls
00 0002A9h TTControl GmbH
00 0002AAh MRS-Electronic GmbH
00 0002ABh Lapp Group
Automation & Networks
00 0002ACh Detectomat GmbH
00 0002ADh ait-Deutschland GmbH
00 0002AEh Power Electronics Espana S.L.
00 0002AFh Caldaro AB
00 0002B0h Sandvik Mining and Construction
00 0002B1h Teledyne Cougar
00 0002B2h Safeline Sweden AB
00 0002B3h Siemens AG
00 0002B4h Elap SpA
00 0002B5h Nautitech Mining Systems Pty. Ltd.
00 0002B6h Guangzhou Zhiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
00 0002B7h Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.
00 0002B8h Speltec s.r.o.
00 0002B9h Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
Power Systems
00 0002BAh ATS Elektronik GmbH
00 0002BBh Gatsometer BV
00 0002BCh Beijing Jingwei Hirain Technologies Co., Ltd.
00 0002BDh NUM Industry Alliance AG
00 0002BEh Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.
Productplanning Group
00 0002BFh Henning GmbH
00 0002C0h Glentek, Inc.
00 0002C1h Fronius International GmbH
00 0002C2h Movicom LLC
00 0002C3h NGV Electronique
00 0002C4h Memminger-IRO GmbH
R & D Electronics
00 0002C5h Manitowoc Crane Group
00 0002C6h Taxitronic Interfacom S.A.
00 0002C7h Hawe Hydraulik SE
00 0002C8h Electromen Oy Ltd
00 0002C9h Midi Ingénierie
00 0002CAh Camille Bauer AG
00 0002CBh Italtax srl
Digitax Automotive
00 0002CCh Hitachi Ltd.
Information & Control Systems Company
00 0002CDh AEI Power GmbH
00 0002CEh Shanghai Gemple M&E Co., Ltd.
00 0002CFh FlexLink Components AB
00 0002D0h THK Co., Ltd.
00 0002D1h OneSubsea Processing
00 0002D2h Hänsch Engineering GmbH
00 0002D3h Joint Peer Systec Corp.
00 0002D4h Beck IPC GmbH
00 0002D5h KUNBUS GmbH
00 0002D6h Liquidated
00 0002D7h Guerbet
00 0002D8h Halstrup Walcher GmbH
00 0002D9h Shanghai AMP & Moons' Automation Co., Ltd.
00 0002DAh Renewable Storage GmbH
00 0002DBh FMS GmbH
00 0002DCh NXP Semiconductors BV
00 0002DDh Hydraforce, Inc.
00 0002DEh Trio Motion Technology Ltd.
00 0002DFh Autec srl
00 0002E0h TE Connectivity Corp.
00 0002E1h Servotronix Motion Control Ltd.
00 0002E2h Acist Medical Systems, Inc.
00 0002E3h Leosphere
00 0002E4h CMR Group
00 0002E5h Nieaf-Smitt BV
00 0002E6h Weatherford
00 0002E7h Unitek Industrie Elektronik GmbH
00 0002E8h Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems Inc.
00 0002E9h Mercury Security Corp.
00 0002EAh European Battery Technologies Oy
00 0002EBh Analytica GmbH
00 0002ECh Smart in Ovation
00 0002EDh Saab AB (Publ)
00 0002EEh Metal Work SpA
00 0002EFh Fatek Automation Corporation
00 0002F0h Intec GmbH
00 0002F1h Paine Electronics LLC
00 0002F2h Trajet GmbH
Germany, Braunschweig
00 0002F3h Sirius Electronic Systems Srl
00 0002F4h Semikron Danfoss Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
00 0002F5h Powertronic Industrielle Leistungselektronik GmbH & Co. KG
01 0002F6h Verband der Fahrzeugumrüster für mobilitätseingeschränkte Personen - VFMP
Handicap Mobil GmbH
02 0002F6h Verband der Fahrzeugumrüster für mobilitätseingeschränkte Personen - VFMP
Veigel GmbH & Co. KG
03 0002F6h Verband der Fahrzeugumrüster für mobilitätseingeschränkte Personen - VFMP
Petri + Lehr GmbH & Co. KG
04 0002F6h Verband der Fahrzeugumrüster für mobilitätseingeschränkte Personen - VFMP
Kadomo GmbH
00 0002F7h Taxitech Handelsgesellschaft mbH
00 0002F8h Gefeg-Neckar Antriebssysteme GmbH
00 0002F9h ABB AB
00 0002FAh Jenny Science AG
00 0002FBh Stromag GmbH
00 0002FCh Lift Equip GmbH
00 0002FDh Motortech GmbH
00 0002FEh Bracco Injeneering SA
00 0002FFh Voith Turbo H+L Hydraulic GmbH & Co. KG
01 0002FFh Voith Turbo St. Pölten
00 000300h Kinco Electric (Shenzhen) Ltd.
00 000301h S. & A.S. Ltd.
00 000302h Varan-Bus-Nutzerorganisation
00 000303h Mazet GmbH
00 000304h I.S.I.T.
00 000305h Sitael Aerospace srl
00 000306h Poll s.r.o.
00 000307h Grayhill, Inc.
00 000308h Georg Kühn Steuerungstechnik
00 000309h PSG Plastic Service GmbH
00 00030Ah Liquidated
00 00030Bh Yokogawa Electric Corp.
00 00030Ch LAM Technologies
00 00030Dh Vutlan s.r.o.
00 00030Eh IEP GmbH
00 00030Fh Snox Engineering Group
00 000310h Atoms
MCB Tech.
00 000311h Kontron electronics AG
00 000312h Turbo Power Systems Ltd.
Power Electronics
00 000313h Vision & Control GmbH
00 000314h Emertron GmbH
00 000315h B&T Solutions GmbH
00 000316h BS Tableau OHG
00 000317h Liquidated
00 000318h Artis GmbH
00 000319h emotas GmbH
00 00031Ah Invertek Drives Ltd.
00 00031Bh Sorel GmbH
00 00031Ch Sütron electronic GmbH
00 00031Dh Cognex Corp.
00 00031Eh EMUS UAB
00 00031Fh GO engineering GmbH
00 000320h duagon AG
00 000321h CODESYS
00 000322h Estun Automation Technology Ltd., Co.
00 000323h Penny and Giles Controls Ltd.
01 000323h Penny and Giles Controls Ltd.
00 000324h Vectron International, Inc.
00 000325h Sibotech Automation Co., Ltd.
00 000326h Shibaura Institute of Technology
Electrical engineering
00 000327h Liquidated
00 000328h Setex Schermuly Textile Computer GmbH
00 000329h Elco Industry Automation AG
00 00032Ah Electronic Design, Inc.
00 00032Bh FTI Flow Technology, Inc.
00 00032Ch American Science and Engineering, Inc.
00 00032Dh Beta Control Ltd.
01 00032Dh Beta Control Ltd.
00 00032Eh PCH Engineering A/S
00 00032Fh Tan Delta Systems Ltd.
00 000330h Jama BV
00 000331h Shenzhen Leadshine Technology Co., Ltd.
00 000332h Schunk GmbH & Co. KG
00 000333h BCE-Elektronik GmbH
R & D
00 000334h Cybelec SA
00 000335h Micro-Sensor GmbH
00 000336h Quake Global, Inc.
00 000337h Kostal Industrie Elektrik GmbH
00 000338h Windurance LLC
00 000339h KTC Control AB
00 00033Ah Toni Maroni GmbH
00 00033Bh AE Sensors BV
00 00033Ch Hitzinger GmbH
00 00033Dh Air-Weigh
On-board scales
00 00033Eh European Space Agency
Data Systems
00 00033Fh Unifire AB
00 000340h Rieter Ingolstadt GmbH
00 000341h HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH + Co. KG
00 000342h Design Bureau Metrospetstechnika Ltd.
00 000343h Hunting Subsea Technologies
Chemical Injection System
00 000344h Exlar Corporation
00 000345h Landert Group AG
00 000346h Vishay Precision Group
On-Board Weighing
00 000347h Penny and Giles Control Ltd.
00 000348h Sistec srl
00 000349h Unjo AB
00 00034Ah Xyntos GmbH
00 00034Bh Megmeet Germany GmbH
00 00034Ch Hitachi Medical Corp.
00 00034Dh Schaefer Elektronik GmbH
00 00034Eh Infineon Technologies AG
00 00034Fh Mahle Industriefiltration GmbH
00 000350h Wärtsilä Finland Oy
Automation & Controls
01 000350h Wärtsilä Finland Oy
Propulsion Automation & Controls
02 000350h Wärtsilä Lyngso Marine A/S
Automation & Control
00 000351h Liquidated
00 000352h IBS-Hühne GmbH
00 000353h MS Mikroprozessor Systeme AG
00 000354h Smarteh d.o.o.
00 000355h Fugro
Fugro Engineers BV
00 000356h Electrum Automation AB
00 000357h Konecranes
00 000358h VR AG
00 000359h TE Connectivity Sensors Germany GmbH
00 00035Ah Digital Switching Systems LLC
00 00035Bh Keller AG für Druckmesstechnik
00 00035Ch Embicon A/S
00 00035Dh Suchy Messtechnik
00 00035Eh Insis SpA
00 00035Fh Motion Control Systems, Inc.
00 000360h Lely Industries N.V.
00 000361h Dinacell Electronica SL
00 000362h Honeywell Sensing & Control
Test & Measurement
00 000363h Analogic Corp.
00 000364h Micelect S.L.
00 000365h PowerUnits Leistungselektronik GmbH
00 000366h MotionArt s.r.l.
Motion Drives
00 000367h Novatech-Group Co. Ltd.
00 000368h Softlink Automation System Co., Ltd.
00 000369h Stack Ltd.
00 00036Ah Sprinte S.A.S.
00 00036Bh Kadia Produktion GmbH & Co.
00 00036Ch HCS Hydraulic Control Systems GmbH
R & D
00 00036Dh Hatox GmbH
00 00036Eh Rota Engineering Ltd.
00 00036Fh Pironex GmbH
00 000370h Xi'an Precise Measurement & Control Co., Ltd
Development Department
00 000371h Badger Explorer ASA
00 000372h Cameron Ireland Ltd.
00 000373h Taian Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
00 000374h Claritech Ltd.
00 000375h Altronic LLC
00 000376h Convertec Ltd.
00 000377h HKM Messtechnik GmbH
00 000378h Accelerated Systems Inc.
00 000379h Apem, Inc.
00 00037Ah Gardner Denver Deutschland GmbH
00 00037Bh Teknoware Oy
Vehicle Lighting
00 00037Ch Super B Lithium Power BV
00 00037Dh Delta Elektronika BV
00 00037Eh Elfin
00 00037Fh Xmos
00 000380h Sino Medical-Device Technology
Image Product Department
00 000381h Somar S.A.
00 000382h A-M-Systeme GmbH
00 000383h af inventions GmbH
00 000384h Teledyne CDL Ltd.
00 000385h NanJing Lektec Engineering Data Technology Co., Ltd.
System Design
00 000386h BPE srl
00 000387h Kollmorgen Steuerungstechnik GmbH
00 000388h JiangSu Automation Research Institute
Computer Business Division
00 000389h TD Hitech Energy Inc.
00 00038Ah Beijing Itekon Technology Co., Ltd.
00 00038Bh Hemisphere GNSS Inc.
00 00038Ch Promicon Elektronik GmbH + Co. KG
00 00038Dh Endress + Hauser Flowtec AG
00 00038Eh Banner Engineering Int'l Inc.
00 00038Fh kk-electronic a/s
Research & Development
00 000390h Sony Energy Devices Corporation
Energy Division, Energy Storage Solutions Department
00 000391h Opel Automobile GmbH
GME Conversions & Special Options
00 000392h Cetoni GmbH
00 000393h MyStromer AG
00 000394h Swagelok
00 000395h Nidec Copal Corporation
00 000396h Hein Lanz (Tianjin) Industrial Tech. Co., Ltd.
00 000397h Canon Medical Systems Corporation
CT Systems Division
00 000398h Starz Bordnetze GmbH
00 000399h Peter Systemtechnik GmbH
00 00039Ah Arcus Technology, Inc.
00 00039Bh Woodway Engineering Ltd.
00 00039Ch Ademco 2 GmbH
00 00039Dh DieEntwickler Elektronik GmbH
00 00039Eh Royal Boon Edam International BV
Security Access
00 00039Fh Gross-Funk GmbH
00 0003A0h Elife International srl
Industrial Department
00 0003A1h Federal Signal Vama
00 0003A2h Kinds Elteknik AB
00 0003A3h Schubert System Elektronik GmbH
00 0003A4h Coval SAS
R & D
00 0003A5h GEW (EC) Ltd.
00 0003A6h Datalogic Automation srl.
00 0003A7h Hirschvogel E-Solutions GmbH
00 0003A8h Liquidated
00 0003A9h A.S.T. GmbH
00 0003AAh Larsys-Automation GmbH
00 0003ABh Eltronic AG
00 0003ACh Airmax Group
00 0003ADh Procon Electronics Pty. Ltd.
00 0003AEh SBF Spezialleuchten GmbH
00 0003AFh Binova GmbH
Motor drive system
00 0003B0h J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH
Power Supplies
00 0003B1h Intec Bielenberg GmbH & Co. KG
00 0003B2h Franatech GmbH
00 0003B3h TE Connectivity
00 0003B4h Flowserve Corporation
00 0003B5h Variotech GmbH
00 0003B6h C.O.B.O. SpA
3B6 Division
00 0003B7h Peter electronic GmbH & Co. KG
00 0003B8h Unitronics
00 0003B9h Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co., Ltd.
00 0003BAh Duagon Australia Pty. Ltd.
00 0003BBh Speedsignal GmbH
00 0003BCh Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Precision Equipment
00 0003BDh Conti Temic Microelectronic GmbH
00 0003BEh Sichuan Radiation Technology Co., Ltd.
Medical Engineering
00 0003BFh Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Transportation Systems
00 0003C0h Heliotherm Wärmepumpentechnik Ges.m.b.H
00 0003C1h Condair AG
00 0003C2h Shanghai Vigor Technology Development Co., Ltd.
00 0003C3h Higenmotor Co., Ltd.
Servo Team
00 0003C4h Optoelettronica Italia S.r.l.
00 0003C5h Dormakaba Deutschland GmbH
00 0003C6h Emsiso d.o.o.
00 0003C7h Divelbiss Corporation
00 0003C8h Socomec
00 0003C9h EnergyTube Holding GmbH
00 0003CAh Hongke Technology Co., Ltd.
00 0003CBh Lilaas A.S.
00 0003CCh Motovario SpA
00 0003CDh Datexel s.r.l.
00 0003CEh Kählig Antriebstechnik GmbH
00 0003CFh Axor Industries
00 0003D0h Shanghai Lanbao Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.
00 0003D1h Vignal Systems
Vehicule lighting
00 0003D2h Severn Subsea Technologies Ltd.
00 0003D3h Airtec Pneumatic GmbH
00 0003D4h miunske GmbH
00 0003D5h C.M.F.
00 0003D6h Sonceboz SA
00 0003D7h Fraunhofer IOSB-AST
00 0003D8h item Industrietechnik GmbH
00 0003D9h Powernet Oy
00 0003DAh Eura Drives Electric Co., Ltd.
00 0003DBh ABB Ltd.
01 0003DCh GYS
02 0003DCh GYS
03 0003DCh GYS
00 0003DDh Sieb & Meyer AG
00 0003DEh Neusoft Medical Systems
00 0003DFh Makersan Ltd. Co.
00 0003E0h ASA-Lift A/S
00 0003E1h Lite-on Technology Corp.
Industrial Automation
00 0003E2h Blink s.r.l.
00 0003E3h MESA Systemtechnik GmbH
Drive Technology Group
00 0003E5h Marquardt Verwaltungs-GmbH
TDS-SC Software Design
00 0003E6h Shanghai Smart Control Co., Ltd.
00 0003E7h flexlog GmbH
00 0003E9h NEC Energy Solutions, Inc.
Westboro Engineering
00 0003EAh Aicon Industry S.r.l.
00 0003EBh KEM Küppers Elektromechanik GmbH
00 0003ECh ASCOREL
00 0003EEh abatec group AG
00 0003F1h Subsea Chokes International A/S
00 0003F2h Cedes AG
00 0003F3h Vymyslicky Vytahy
00 0003F4h Tonfunk GmbH Ermsleben
Tonfunk Systementwicklung und Service GmbH
00 0003F5h Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd.
00 0003F6h Hoppecke Batterie Systeme GmbH
00 0003F7h Brookfield Ametek, Inc.
00 0003F8h Crouzet Automatismes
00 0003F9h b-plus mobile control GmbH
00 0003FAh Penko Engineering BV
00 0003FBh Ambri, Inc.
Systems Engineering
00 0003FCh WDI Wise Device, Inc.
00 0003FDh Carnegie Robotics
00 0003FEh igus GmbH
00 0003FFh TELETEC GmbH
00 000400h Fenac Mühendislik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
00 000401h Hiwin Mikrosystem Corp.
00 000402h Navalimpianti
00 000403h 7Sense Technologies A/S
00 000404h Doga S.A.
Electronic Systems
00 000405h Inomatic GmbH
00 000406h Hanza Assembly Remscheid GmbH
00 000407h Griessbach GmbH
00 000408h Barrett Technology
00 000409h Smart Fibres Ltd.
00 00040Ah HARTING Electric GmbH & Co. KG
00 00040Bh Advantage Electronics
00 00040Ch Witz Corporation
Advanced Basic Technology Dept.
00 00040Dh Asem S.p.A.
Industrial Automation
00 00040Eh SABO Elektronik GmbH
00 00040Fh Simma Software Inc.
00 000410h Tyro Remotes
00 000411h KW-Aufzugstechnik GmbH
00 000412h Scansense AS
00 000413h IAV GmbH
00 000414h Sensatec Co., Ltd.
00 000415h Ingeteam Power Technology S.A.
00 000416h Cockerill Maintenance & Ingenierie CZ s.r.o.
00 000417h X-Sensors AG
00 000418h MBS GmbH
00 000419h Mini Motor srl
00 00041Ah Thor Engineering GmbH
00 00041Bh Shenzhen Zmotion technology Co., Ltd.
00 00041Ch VIPCO GmbH
00 00041Dh Spring SRL
01 00041Eh Deep Sea Electronics plc
02 00041Eh Deep Sea Electronics plc
03 00041Eh Deep Sea Electronics plc
00 00041Fh Hejm Automatisierungstechnik GmbH
00 000420h LOVATO Electric s.p.a.
00 000421h Data Device Corporation
00 000422h Hong Jiang Electronics Co., Ltd.
00 000423h Allsor Technology Corporation
00 000424h RFID, Inc.
00 000425h Torqeedo GmbH
00 000426h Lester Electrical of Nebraska, Inc
00 000427h Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH
00 000428h Neuberger Gebäudeautomation GmbH
01 000428h Neuberger Gebäudeautomation GmbH
00 000429h Panasonic Co., Ltd.
00 00042Ah APOSTAR Medical (Shanghai) Limited
00 00042Bh TeMec Drive srl
Electric Drives Dept.
00 00042Ch Nettechnix E&P GmbH
00 00042Dh SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG
00 00042Fh Nytec Inc.
00 000430h Burisch Elektronik Bauteile GmbH
00 000431h STIF
00 000432h Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau SE
00 000433h EDC Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH
00 000434h SMIE
00 000435h Gefos GmbH
00 000436h Hydroware AB
00 000437h Almec S.P.A.
00 000438h Jakob Müller AG
00 000439h Brunner & Fecher Regelungstechnik GmbH
00 00043Ah Standby Pintsch GmbH
00 00043Bh Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG
00 00043Dh WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH
00 00043Eh Olsbergs Electronics AB
00 00043Fh Konrad GmbH
R&D Software
00 000441h Langer & Laumann GmbH
00 000442h Avire Global Pte. Ltd.
00 000443h Harmonic Drive LLC
00 000444h JSC Nefteavtomatika
00 000445h Dinghan Smart Railway Technology GmbH
00 000446h Sakura Finetek USA
00 000447h ROSEN Technology AG
00 000448h Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG
00 000449h Shenyang Guangcheng Technology Co., Ltd.
00 00044Ah Flintec UK Ltd.
00 00044Bh Interroll Engineering GmbH
00 00044Ch Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG
00 00044Dh Skoda Electric a.s.
00 00044Eh Weintek labs., Inc.
00 00044Fh DEDITEC GmbH
00 000450h Variohm Eurosensor Ltd.
00 000451h Mac Valves Inc.
00 000452h Sedo Treepoint GmbH
00 000453h Pixsys srl
00 000454h Robertelli Innovazione S.R.L.S.
00 000455h Bionx International Corp.
00 000456h GT Joysticks AG
00 000457h Semitron S.A.
00 000458h ISP System
00 000459h Apacer
00 00045Ah SME Group
00 00045Bh InMach Intelligente Maschinen GmbH
00 00045Ch Big Dutchman AG
00 00045Dh Kollmorgen Automation AB
00 00045Eh Santest Co., Ltd.
00 00045Fh Stegia AB
00 000460h TSM Sensors srl
00 000461h Nayar Systems SL
00 000462h M2I Corporation
00 000463h Alexander Binzel Schweisstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
00 000464h Blum
00 000465h Bucher Hydraulics AG
00 000466h Zero Motorcycles
00 000467h Vega
00 000468h Ametallift
00 000469h Roboteq, Inc.
00 00046Ah Barth Elektronik GmbH
00 00046Bh Sensorlink
00 00046Ch Eltra SpA
00 00046Dh Aybey Elektronik GmbH
00 00046Eh Rosemount Inc.
00 00046Fh Ruthardt electronic GmbH
00 000470h Sensor Systems srl
00 000471h R.S.P. elettronica
00 000472h Transonic Systems, Inc.
Medical Products
01 000472h Transonic Systems, Inc.
OEM Products
02 000472h Transonic Systems, Inc.
Research Products
00 000473h ATN Hölzel GmbH
00 000474h Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH
00 000475h Applied Automation & Controls
Subsea Sensors LC
00 000476h Liquidated
00 000477h Bosch Engineering GmbH
00 000478h White Bream
00 000479h QuadriBot
00 00047Ah Thiim A/S
00 00047Bh Sure Grip Controls, Inc.
00 00047Ch Minebea Intec
00 00047Dh Rieker Instrument Co., Inc. dba Rieker Inc.
00 00047Eh Tsino-Dynatron Electrical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
00 00047Fh Shenyang Siasun Digital Drive Co., Ltd.
Drive Division
00 000480h Shenzhen Co-Trust Technology Co., Ltd.
00 000481h STEP Sigriner Elektronik GmbH
00 000482h Kronotech Srl
00 000483h Hönle Electronics GmbH
00 000484h M&C TechGroup Germany GmbH
00 000485h Gepro Electronics B.V.
00 000486h Z.E.P. Enika SP z.o.o.
00 000487h Epic Power Converters SL
00 000488h ESA S.p.a.
00 000489h R2manufacturing AG
00 00048Ah Hexis AG
00 00048Bh Garmin Ltd.
00 00048Ch Groschopp Systems Solutions d.o.o.
00 00048Dh Electrovaya
00 00048Eh EvoLogics GmbH
00 00048Fh Nedinsco BV
00 000490h Spohn & Burkhardt GmbH & Co. KG
00 000491h HMF Group A/S
00 000492h Comodule OÜ
00 000493h Oblamatik AG
00 000494h Preh Car Connect GmbH
00 000495h Meson AB
00 000496h Axxellon GmbH
00 000497h Nidec Motor Corporation
Motion ULV Drives
00 000498h SINOMACH Intelligence Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Intelligent Robot R&D Center
00 000499h Ultra Motion
00 00049Ah Hwan Maw Tech. Co., Ltd.
00 00049Bh Usevolt Oy
00 00049Ch Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd.
00 00049Dh W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH
00 00049Eh Haitima Actuator Automation Inc.
00 00049Fh Tesat-Spacecom
00 0004A0h Lord Corporation
00 0004A1h HerdStar LLC
00 0004A2h UNISWARM
00 0004A3h Welvaarts Weegsystemen
00 0004A4h ECS-Electronic Construction Service, Falko Jahn
00 0004A5h Bronkhorst
00 0004A6h Haimo Technologies Group Corp.
00 0004A7h NewElec Pretoria (Pty) Ltd.
00 0004A8h etatronix GmbH
00 0004A9h Intellidesign Pty. Ltd.
00 0004AAh Linak A/S
00 0004ABh Changsha Allnumeric Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.
00 0004ACh Koulombus
00 0004ADh Altus Sistemas de Automacao S.A.
00 0004AEh SFC Energy AG
00 0004AFh BMZ Group
00 0004B0h Ashcroft, Inc.
00 0004B1h EM Controls Pty. Ltd.
00 0004B2h Hoerbiger Wien GmbH
00 0004B3h AST Köhler GmbH
00 0004B4h NASA Glenn Research Center
Power Management and Distribution Branch
00 0004B5h C+S AG
00 0004B6h Prodrive Technologies B.V.
00 0004B7h accroma labtec Ltd.
00 0004B8h Canfield Industries, Inc.
00 0004B9h Getek Engineering Electronics Energy Consultantship Industry and Expert Limited Company
00 0004BAh Laserdyne Technologies Pty. Ltd.
00 0004BBh IDS Innomic GmbH
00 0004BCh Viega GmbH & Co. KG
00 0004BDh Ametek, Inc.
Haydon-Kerk-Pittman (HKP)
00 0004BEh Distromel S.A.
00 0004BFh BG Drives GmbH
00 0004C0h IR-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
00 0004C1h EAO Automotive GmbH & Co. KG
00 0004C2h Simplex Motion AB
00 0004C3h LIFTCORE GmbH
00 0004C4h Delta Energy Systems
00 0004C5h Helmholz & Pauli GmbH
00 0004C6h Middex-Electronic GmbH
00 0004C7h Virginia Controls LLC
00 0004C8h E+E Elektronik Ges.m.b.H
00 0004C9h CI-Systems
00 0004CAh Fort Robotics
00 0004CBh Betronic B.V.
00 0004CCh HKR GmbH
00 0004CDh Shenzhen Lisan M&E Co., Ltd.
Motion control
00 0004CEh Motor Power Company srl.
00 0004CFh Sensotek GmbH
00 0004D0h Hitachi Industrial Equipment (Nanjing)
00 0004D1h Groeneveld - Beka
00 0004D2h VARTA Storage
00 0004D3h Hefei WNK Smart Technology Co., Ltd
00 0004D4h Mobile Control Systems SA
00 0004D5h Thomson Linear LLC
00 0004D6h Paar sanaat soud
00 0004D7h RMS Pumptools
00 0004D8h Vitrocell Systems
00 0004D9h 4NXT srl
00 0004DAh The Raymond Corporation
00 0004DBh ZETWERD
00 0004DCh PRAN Systems
00 0004DDh All Motion
00 0004DEh Scharmüller
00 0004DFh Inventus Power
00 0004E0h Smart Battery Solutions GmbH
00 0004E1h Märzhäuser Sensotech
00 0004E2h M2M craft
00 0004E3h Lezyne USA
00 0004E4h Shanghai Chenzhu Instrument Co., Ltd.
00 0004E5h SCB
00 0004E6h ehb electronics gmbh
00 0004E7h Leclanche
00 0004E8h E-LIFT Automatizálási Kft. Hungary
00 0004E9h Framery Oy
00 0004EAh HP Printing and Computing Solutions
00 0004EBh IT Rodde GmbH
00 0004ECh Microtronics Engineering GmbH
rapid M2M
00 0004EDh RKB electronic
00 0004EEh Tofi Sensing Technology Shanghai
00 0004EFh Power Research Electronics
00 0004F0h University of Brescia
00 0004F1h DMC GmbH
00 0004F3h Resol
00 0004F4h Redler Technologies
00 0004F5h Nilfisk A/S
00 0004F6h Innova AS
00 0004F7h SEC of America
00 0004F8h Bietronic B.V.
00 0004F9h Megatron Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
00 0004FAh IMET Radio Remote Control
00 0004FBh Data Panel Corp.
00 0004FCh Tecnolama S.A.
00 0004FEh Shanghai AYAN Industry System Co., Ltd.
00 0004FFh Futaba Corporation
00 000501h E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH
00 000502h Optime Subsea AS
00 000503h Data Panel GmbH
00 000504h RST Elektronik GmbH
00 000505h Hydac Mobilhydraulik GmbH
00 000506h Dürr Systems AG
00 000507h Linux Automation GmbH
00 000508h UNO MINDA Systems GmbH
00 000509h Beijing NiMotion Control Technology Co., Ltd.
00 00050Ah DAB-Embedded BVBA
00 00050Bh Biketec GmbH
00 00050Ch Pfreundt GmbH
00 00050Dh Amprio GmbH
00 00050Eh INHECO Industrial Heating & Cooling GmbH
00 00050Fh KROHNE New Technologies B.V.
00 000510h plating electronic GmbH
00 000511h BKtel Photonics
00 000512h Winstar Display Co., Ltd.
Raystar Optonics, Inc.
00 000513h STXI Motion Ltd.
00 000514h DMG SpA
00 000515h ez-Wheel SAS
00 000516h CE Electronics
00 000517h XTrack
Municipal vehicles
00 000518h Liftern Controller Technologies
00 000519h Techtronic Industries Power Equipment
00 00051Ah Pinion GmbH
00 00051Bh Hanning Elektro-Werke GmbH & Co. KG
00 00051Ch KION Group
00 00051Dh Suzhou Hengrui Medical Co., Ltd.
00 00051Eh Brose Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin
e-Bike Systems
00 00051Fh Shanghai Tianxun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
00 000520h Lufthansa Technik AG
00 000521h MFT Automation
00 000522h Carneios GmbH
00 000523h GERMANTRONIC GmbH
00 000524h ABB Power Electronics Inc.
00 000525h Norgren Automation Solutions LLC
Engineering - Saline R&D
00 000526h Liftel Comunicaciones SL
00 000527h ELEO Technologies B.V.
00 000528h Rohm Co., Ltd.
00 000529h DIEHL AKO Stiftung & Co. KG
Drives Solutions
00 00052Ah WSS Infocard Systems B.V.
00 00052Bh Shenzhen Tritek Limited
00 00052Ch O.M.F.B. S.p.A Hydraulic Components
00 00052Dh Schaller Automation Industrielle Automationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
00 00052Eh Vishay Nobel AB
00 00052Fh American Battery Solutions
00 000530h Discover Energy
00 000531h Auxind S.r.l.
00 000532h A2V Mecatronique SAS
00 000533h Novanta IMS
00 000534h Commonplace Robotics GmbH
00 000535h Elevake Hungary Kft
00 000536h Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
00 000537h Changzhou Yuantai Industry Technology Ltd.
00 000538h Allora
00 000539h DIENES Apparatebau GmbH
00 00053Ah Dynapack International Technology Corp.
00 00053Bh Fullmo GmbH
00 00053Ch Hangzhou System Technology Co., Ltd.
00 00053Dh Adlos AG
00 00053Eh Rusoku Technologijos UAB
00 00053Fh Heronitec Solutions GmbH
00 000540h Balancell Energy (Pty) Ltd.
00 000541h Practek Technology Co., Ltd.
00 000542h Lab37 LLC
00 000543h Turntide Technologies
00 000544h WS Technicals
00 000545h Phoenix Mecano Solutions AG
00 000546h ABUS August Bremicker Söhne KG
00 000547h Meerstetter Engineering GmbH
00 000548h Juluen Enterprise
00 000549h Rightline Equipment Inc.
00 00054Ah Advanced Mechatronics GmbH
00 00054Bh Zyax AB
00 00054Ch ADEL System Srl
00 00054Dh NES Drive
00 00054Eh Praher Plastics Austria GmbH
00 00054Fh Darfon Energy Technology Corp.
00 000550h F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn
00 000551h Cleantron
00 000552h Marposs S.p.A.
00 000553h Wiferion GmbH
00 000554h Datum Electronics Ltd.
00 000555h Littelfuse Inc.
01 000555h Littelfuse Inc.
02 000555h Littelfuse Inc.
03 000555h Littelfuse Inc.
04 000555h Littelfuse Inc.
05 000555h Littelfuse Inc.
00 000556h Schmidt Technology GmbH
00 000557h ACTIA Automotive SA
System Solution
01 000557h ACTIA Automotive SA
Automation ECU
00 000558h EZmotion Technology Inc.
00 000559h Industrie Elektronik Brilon GmbH
00 00055Ah Dexmart Technology Corp.
00 00055Bh Bamboo Dynamics
00 00055Ch TiMOTION Technology Co. Ltd.
00 00055Dh GMK electronic design GmbH
00 00055Eh EWM GmbH
00 00055Fh Benning CMS Technology GmbH
00 000560h Weihai Idencoder Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Overseas Business Department
00 000561h Emerson Electric Co.
Renewable Energy Technologies
00 000562h Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems
00 000563h Trojan Battery
00 000564h WEG Automation Europe
00 000565h Nanjing Decowell Automation
00 000566h Bernd Walter Computer Technology
00 000567h Aranha Ltd.
00 000568h Suzhou Shenen Electronic Technology
Production Technology
00 000569h KNF
00 00056Ah ACD Antriebstechnik GmbH
00 00056Bh Zhejiang Hechuan Technology Co., Ltd.
00 00056Ch Herholdt Controls srl
00 00056Dh Abertax Technologies Ltd.
00 00056Eh Netvision Telecom Inc.
00 00056Fh Computec s.r.l.
00 000570h A-dec, Inc.
00 000571h Tianjin Geneuo Technology Co., Ltd.
00 000572h Rohloff AG
00 000573h Cycling Sports Group, Inc.
00 000574h Delta Line
00 000575h Onplick
00 000576h ROPEX Industrie-Elektronik GmbH
00 000577h Lithion Battery Inc.
00 000578h ITALSEA
00 000579h ELRA Antriebstechnik
00 00057Ah TG Drives s.r.o.
00 00057Bh Vecima Networks
00 00057Ch SQS Vlaknova optika a.s.
00 00057Dh Tomasz Zajas Zaklad Elektroniki Cyfrowej Labtronik
00 00057Eh Elte GPS SP z.o.o
00 00057Fh KNAUER Wissentschaftliche Geräte GmbH
00 000580h nke Marine Electronics
00 000581h SMAC Corporation
00 000582h Telma AG
00 000583h VitiBot
00 000584h Green Power Design Astri
00 000585h National Aperture Inc.
00 000586h Advanced Micro Devices, Inc
00 000587h MTA GmbH
00 000588h BETAMONT s.r.o.
00 000589h Suzhou Anchi Control System Co., Ltd.
00 00058Ah SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co. KG
00 00058Bh Menlo Systems GmbH
00 00058Ch AMCS Technologies
00 00058Dh Tool-Temp AG
00 00058Eh WSTECH GmbH
00 00062Dh CG Drives & Automation Sweden AB
00 0008C4h Hangzhou Zhaoding Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.
00 0008F3h EA Elektro-Automatik GmbH & Co. KG
00 000A0Ah AOA Apparatebau Gauting GmbH
00 000ACEh Trend Power Technology Co., Ltd.
00 000B14h AKIM METAL Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi
R&D Center
00 000BBEh Hanning & Kahl GmbH & Co KG
00 000C65h Janasi Industries Ltd.
00 000CEBh Cummins Inc.
00 000D97h Hafner Pneumatika Kft.
00 000DD9h Anton Paar GmbH
00 000ECCh ECC Repenning GmbH
00 000EFEh L'Essor Français Electronique (EFE)
00 000F0Eh Zimmer GmbH
00 001019h Sirona Dental Systems GmbH
00 001248h Handtmann e-solutions GmbH & Co. KG
00 001903h Schindler Aufzüge AG
00 001A05h Syn-Tek Technologies Inc.
00 0022D2h Synapticon
00 004349h Curtis Instruments
00 004444h YASKAWA Europe GmbH
00 004B32h K2 Energy Solutions, Inc.
00 004D63h Magics Instruments NV
00 00524Dh RM Michaelides Software & Elektronik GmbH
00 005351h SignalQuest, LLC
00 007978h Junchuang (Xiamen) Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
00 00AED0h Anedo GmbH
00 00BA5Eh base engineering gmbh
00 00BEEFh Nachturne Design Labs
00 00F3EEh Elmetric GmbH
00 00F4F4h fos4X GmbH
00 014E83h rd electronic GmbH
D0 028030h Matrix Elektronik AG
00 0403E5h Premium PSU
01 251317h BTSR International SpA
00 414853h AHS Antriebstechnik
00 415241h Aradex AG
00 43534Ch Controlled Systems Ltd.
00 454D4Bh EMK Elektronik GmbH
00 455341h ESAcademy
01 455341h ESAcademy
02 455341h ESAcademy
03 455341h ESAcademy
ESS Germany
04 455341h ESAcademy
49 464152h Rafi GmbH & Co. KG
00 46484Ah FH Jena, FB Elektrotechnik
00 474453h Gilgen Door Systems AG
Automatic Doors
59 475253h Serenergy A/S
00 48554Bh Kendrion Kuhnke Automation GmbH
01 48554Bh Kendrion Kuhnke Automation GmbH
Pneumatic Components
00 486162h Haberl Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
00 4A4154h Jenaer Antriebstechnik GmbH
45 4C4300h Elektronik-Labor Carls GmbH & Co. KG
00 4C4F53h Jenoptik L. O. S. GmbH
00 4D454Eh MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH
00 4D4B54h MKT-Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
00 4D5253h Dipl.-Math. Michael Rauch Embedded Software Solutions
00 53454Ch Selectron Systems AG
47 535953h Grossenbacher Systeme AG
52 542D53h RT-Systemtechnik GmbH
00 545241h Transcontrol Ltda.
4D 55414Ch Laumas Elettronica SRL
00 564547h Viessmann Elektronik GmbH
01 564942h Liquidated
00 57454Eh New Lift GmbH
6F 67795Ah Zygo Corporation
00 69666Dh ifm electronic
ecomat 100
01 69666Dh ifm electronic
efector 500
02 69666Dh ifm electronic
efector 300
00 6D6B73h Motrona GmbH
4C 746C65h BST GmbH
00 C0FFEEh Huniolift Kft.
00 E04519h ETG Elevator Trading GmbH
FE EDC0DEh Stögra Antriebstechnik GmbH

Proof of conformity

Conformance testing is like spell checking. CiA provides the CANopen conformance test tool, developed by a consortium of CiA members. Members can get it free-of-charge. The CiA staff uses it for conformance testing of CANopen products. Therefore, test customers get the tool free-of-charge for preparation. On CiA's website you can find a list of successfully tested CANopen devices.

In order to test interoperability, CiA offers an optional in-system test. It checks if the tested device communicates failure-free with other CANopen devices. At the moment, we use a CANopen master by Schneider Electric.

For more details please contact us (service(at)can-cia.org)