CiA® 510: Mapping of SDO and EMCY protocols to J1939

The CiA 510 document specifies the mapping of CANopen protocols to J1939 parameter groups (PGs). The CAM11 and CAM21 parameter groups contain the SDO protocols as specified in the CiA 301 CANopen application layer and communication profile, also known as classic CANopen. The CEM parameter groups map the EMCY protocol as given in CiA 301.

The mapped SDO protocols give the user access to the CANopen object dictionary implemented in devices providing CiA profile functionality. The CEM parameter group provides alarms and warning in real-time as used in classic CANopen.

PDOs can be mapped to proprietary PGs or to PGs with by SAE uniquely assigned PGNs (PG numbers). The CAM11, CAM21, and CEM parameter groups use registered PGNs (see J1939/DA). This means, J1939-connected devices can run virtually CiA profiles including configuration functionality.

Title Details
CiA 510 version 1.1.1J1939 parameter groups for SDO and EMCY
DescriptionThis document specifies the mapping of CANopen application layer protocols to J1939 parameter groups. This includes, in particular, the mapping of SDO (service data object) client and SDO server protocols. Additionally, this document specifies the mapping of the EMCY (emergency) protocol. The mapping of CANopen profile-specific PDOs is not in the scope of this document.
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