CiA® 890 recommends the coding of SI units and prefixes

CiA is committed to use SI units as standardized in the ISO 80000 series. The CiA 890 technical report defines the coding of SI units (international system of units) and pre-fixes to be used in CiA specifications. The predecessor document (CiA 303-2) was limited to CANopen documents.

This technical report intends to harmonize the coding of SI units and prefixes within CiA documents. If non-SI units are desired, the CAN-connected devices need to convert the communicated parameters with assigned SI units. A typical example is a human machine interface device, for example a display. It communicates via the CAN-based network a length parameter in meters optionally assigned with a prefix such as “kilo” or “milli”. After conversion, it shows the value on the display in “miles” or “inches”, for example. The document also provides a recommendation, how parameters for SI units and prefixes should be structured.

Title Details
CiA 890 version 1.0.0Presentation of SI units and prefixes
DescriptionThis document provides recommendation how to represent the international system of units and prefixes in parameter specifications. It recommends also the structure of configuration parameters for SI units and prefixes.
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