CiA specification sale

CiA members spend their time and resources to develop and maintain a broad range of CiA specifications. Many of those specifications are available for CiA members, only. For the acceptance of a specification it is important to make a specification not publically available, prior to test the content of a specification with regard to completeness and correctness, by implementation. Therefore all specifications in the status Work Draft (WD) and Draft Specification Proposal (DSP) are for CiA members only. To increase the widespread of CAN, CiA provides several CiA specifications free-of-charge to the public. Those documents are listed with the status Public Available Specification (PAS).

In general, also the documents of status “Draft Specification (DS), are for CiA members only. But as there exist companies, for which a CiA membership is not possible in principle, those specifications are offered for purchase. CiA non-members can subscribe in person, for a specification series. In case of a subscription, you get all DS of those specification series that appear in that current calendar year. A subscription is valid for that calendar year, in which you subscribe and lasts always from January 1 to December 31; independent when you subscribe.

CiA non-members can subscribe for the current calendar year, purchasing all documents in the status DS, of the following documents series:

Specification series Content Price
CiA 3xx series CANopen application layer and communication profile 512,00 € + German VAT
CiA 4xx series CANopen device and application profiles 1024,00 € + German VAT
CiA 6xx series CAN FD device and system design specifications and recommendations; CAN XL specification; CAN FD Light specification 1024,00 € + German VAT
CiA 13xx series CANopen FD application layer and communication profile 512,00 € + German VAT

To place a subscription for one calendar year, for one or several document series, please contact CiA office.

CiA likes to draw your attention to the fact that often, a CiA membership is more attractive. In addition to the access to all documents in all development stages, you get access to meeting minutes, working groups, further CiA services, and you get the CANopen Vendor-ID free-of-charge. More about the CiA membership you can learn here. To discuss the right CiA membership model for you and your company, please contact CiA office.