CiA corrigendum proposal ISO 11898-2:2024

Recently, ISO has released a new edition of the ISO 11898-2 (CAN, Part 2: Physical medium attachment (PMA) sublayer) standard.

This edition contains all PMA options, covering all kinds of CAN HS (high-speed) transceivers including CAN FD, CAN SIC (signal improvement capability), and CAN SIC XL transceivers. Of course, also the low-power and selective wake-up functionality is standardized in ISO 11898-2:2024. The CiA documents, which have been submitted for the ISO 11898-2:2024 standard, are withdrawn, in order to avoid double-specifications and not to infringe the ISO copyrights. The withdrawn documents are CiA 601-4 (SIC transceiver) and CiA 610-3 (CAN SIC XL transceiver). Unfortunately, not all final submitted comments regarding ISO 11898-2:2024 have been considered and accepted by the ISO Central Secretariat (ISO CS). This is why CiA has released a corrigendum proposal (CiA 140). This technical report proposes improvements and corrections, in order to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations. In the current ISO 11898-2:2024 standard, several figures and tables are not consistent. The CiA 140 document can be requested from CiA office. This service is free of charge. The technical report is individualized by means of a watermark. The for ISO 11898-2 responsible ISO working group will revise the standard as soon as possible. In the meantime, the CiA technical report overcomes the weaknesses of the standard.