CiA seminars: From the basics to first-hand innovations

CiA offers CAN-related seminars in different formats. Beside the seminars for newcomers explaining CAN CC/FD/XL and CANopen CC/FD basics, dedicated in-house seminars enable to adapt the location and presented contents to the customers’ requirements.

CAN in Automation (CiA) offers in 2024 seminars for newcomers with regard to CAN-related topics. These seminars address development engineers, system integrators, as well as decision-makers, who want to learn more about CAN CC (classic), CAN FD, and CAN XL protocols respectively about the higher-layer protocols such as CANopen CC and CANopen FD. The content of CiA seminars is device- and manufacturer-independent.

In CiA in-house seminars, CiA engineers explain and discuss various CAN-related topics in a technical- and/or decision-oriented manner. It is up to the customer to arrange the audience with employees exclusively or with invited guests such as representatives from suppliers or customers. The content of CiA in-house seminars depends on customers’ individual needs. Nearly any CAN-related topic can be covered.

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