3rd CCN issue

CiA has released the third issue of its CAN Community News, a 3-weekly email publication, informing the subscribers about CiA activities and other CAN-related information of general interest.

Wanted: Joysticks experts

The CiA IG03 SIG01 (I/O) is looking for experts interested in specifying a J1939 profile for joysticks (CiA 401-J) based on the CANopen profile for modular I/O devices. More information can be requested from the CiA office.

CiA seminars

The CAN seminar and the CANopen seminar for newcomers are scheduled on February 27 respectively February 28. These 4-hour online events are held in English language.

CiA 437-1 and CiA 437-2

The first two parts ot the CANopen application profile for grid-based photovoltaic systems have been updated. Part 3 specifying the data objects (application parameters) will follow, soon. All three CiA 437 documents are in DSP (draft specification proposal) status and are only accessible for CiA members.

Last call for experts

The SIG (special interest group) "rail vehicles" and the SIG "truck gateway" are inactive since some time. Therefore, the IG (interest group) "profiles" calls for experts. Interested parties should contact CiA office before mid of February.

TF (cybersecurity) terminology

The CiA Technical Committee has established a task force to harmonize terms and definitions regarding cybersecurity with in CiA documents. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Holger Zeltwanger has been nominated to lead the TF. Volunteers are welcome.

CiA webinar: Generic bootloader

CiA has scheduled a free-of-charge webinar on January 24, 2024. It introduces the generic CAN bootloader approach developed by CiA. Registration for the one-hour webinar is required.

Safety-related CAN communication

CiA’s Interest Group (IG) safety and security is going to establish a Special Interest Group (SIG) to review and update CANopen Safety (EN 50325-5) on January 30. Registration is open.

748 CiA members

CiA starts with 748 members into the new year. The CiA community is looking forward to new markets for all three CAN protocol generations: CAN CC (classic), CAN FD, and CAN XL.

CAN Community News (CCN)

CiA has merged the CMN (CiA Member News) and the CIM (CAN Info Mail) email services to the CCN email service. Subscribers receive it every three weeks.