ISO 15765-5 second edition

The standard specifies the connection of CAN-based in-vehicle networks to the diagnostic link connector. The 2nd edition of this document has been technically revised. The network-address translation between OSI-layers has been improved, for example.

CANopen FD updated

CiA has released the version 1.1.0 of the CANopen FD application layer and communication profile specification (CiA 1301). The technically revised document specifies an improved bit-timing table and introduces an adjustable maximum available payload (data field length). USDO remote service are now mandatory.

SIG 3,3-V transceiver established

The Special Interest Group (SIG) specifies 3,3-V transceivers compliant with the parameter sets A and B in the next edition of the ISO 11898-2 standard. Additionally, it provides related conformance and interoperability test plans. An EMC specification is also planned. Next meeting is scheduled for mid of January.

Program of 18th iCC is online

The next international CAN Conference (iCC) takes place in Baden-Baden (Germany). The conference program is online. The two-days conference is scheduled for May 14 and 15, 2024.

Call for experts: Greenhouse automation

Greenhouse automation systems often use CAN-based embedded networks for different purposes. The Korean government took the initiative to propose an ISO new work item proposal to standardize such networks. CiA is supporting this initiative and calls for interested parties, suppliers as well as greenhouse manufacturers. For more details send an email to CiA office.

SIG 3,3-V transceiver in preparation

Interest Group (IG) lower layers has decided to establish a Special Interest Group (SIG) to develop CiA specifications on 3,3-V transceivers. It is intended that 3,3-V components can be mixed with 5-V transceivers. Interested parties may contact CiA office.

Review of CiA 601-3 started

Interest Group (IG) lower layers is going to review and to update CiA 601-3. This document contains system design recommendations for CAN FD networks. It is intended to add the annex of the withdrawn CiA 601-4 document and SIC transceiver related recommendations. Next meeting is scheduled on November 7th, 2023.

CiA 603 updated

CiA has released the version 1.1.0 of the CAN network time management specification. The document has been editorially improved and substituted non-inclusive terms. It complies with Autosar specifications.

Cooperation with EWA and ZVEI

In respect to the CiA 464 profile for manual welding and cutting equipment, CiA cooperates with the non-profit associations EWA (European Welding Association) and ZVEI (Germany’s Electro and Digital Industry). For more details, please contact CiA office.